General Terms and Conditions


Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. We are so grateful for the pleasure of serving you and hope we met your expectations. Please carefully check the product’ function, size, color and other details on the order. In order to ensure the quality of service, after the order is confirmed, changes and returns are not accepted.

30-Days price guarantee

Within 30 days from the purchase date, if you find the product(according to its item number) together with additional charges have a price difference in our stores, we promise you can exchange the difference for other products. Please present the original contract to our sales for processing. Display Items and regular priced items are not guaranteed.

We are committed to providing quality service! All products are delivered by our authorized team

  • The expected delivery date on the contract is a tentative date. We will call you 3-7 days before the delivery date to confirm.
  • Additional charges for following cases:i) Specify both the delivery date and time;ii) Change the delivery date more than twice since it is confirmed;iii) Unable to request to reschedul at least 4 days before the delivery;iv) The receipt date is 180 days after the purchase date;v) Not enough delivery space。
  • Because the traffic and weather conditions are difficult to predict, the driver will confirm the arrival time on the delivery date, and we will try our best to ensure that the delivery is on time.
  • The delivery team may be delayed or suspended by bad weather, serious flooding or blocked roads. Customers will be contacted within 1 working day via phone for rescheduling of delivery and such delivery will be made within 7 days.

Please make sure the delivery address has enough space for assembly

Including the ceiling, doorway, entrance, corridor, lift, and staircases. For bed or wardrobe, please reserve at least 2 inches for assembly.

Please make sure before you receive the products

  • There is a 2 inch difference for the products such as sofa and mattress. The leather swatch is for reference only, there may be slight discrepancies.
  • If there is a balance, it must be paid at the time of receipt.
  • The consignee must be at least 18 years old and be your authorized representative. The consignee’s instructions/provided information or actions are on your behalf.
  • Please check the products immediately. If there is no objection, you must sign on the delivery note to acknowledge receipt. Once the products are signed for, we will not accept any complaints about non-maintenance.
  • After delivering the purchase, warranty will be voided if the item has been transferred to another place than the order address.


The refund will be paid in the form of payment. If you use a credit card, the refund will be made to the same credit card account. You can check with your credit card issuer for details; It will take 6-8 working weeks. 

We reserve the right to interpret and amend the regulations and details of the service.

Additional Service

Charges Details

Exchange Service

If you exchange your purchase after 3 days from the purchase date, you will be charged at least 10% of the original order price.

Temporary Storage

Each item $500/week (from the original delivery date)


If the delivery address does not have enough space, $250 per sofa.

Additional Delivery

Discovery Bay $250, Tung Chung and Ma Wan HK$150. Free for the first 50 meters road on foot, and $50 for each item number for every 50 meters thereafter.

2nd Assembly After Delivery

Up to $300

Extra Service

Please refer to extra service charges